Global climate-related events, one minute of silence, and zero carbon California

He entered the cathedral through the door on the left of the central nave and took his seat. Short sleeve, grey t-shirt and very casually dressed for the climate talk. His folder and notes were with him but he was interested on having a dialogue. Encouraging 400 people to ask questions at the end of his brief conference, Tom Steyer went straight to the point – people is what really matters. Rev Penny Bridges

Prior to Tom Steyer, Rev. Penny Bridges (photo), from the Episcopal St Paul’s Cathedral, asked everyone, in one faith, to join her in a moment of silence for those who have been suffering from the results of climate-related events around the globe in the last two weeks. During the talk, Steyer emphasized that clean air and green jobs are key elements to bring climate change as close as possible to people’s daily life. He also highlighted how storage of renewable energy is a game-changer for a net carbon society, and advocated for the new bill that will transform California in a 100% zero carbon state by the year of 2045.

To listen to the event An Evening with Tom Steyer, organized by San Diego 350, click on the audio.

Credits: photos and recording by the author of the blog.